Pacific Piston Ring Company (PRC) was established in 1921. From 1921 to 1940 piston rings were made and sold primarily to the automotive aftermarket.  World War II opened the door to aerospace and exposed markets other than automotive.  While the automotive aftermarket line continues, PRC focuses mainly on custom-made components for aerospace and industrial manufacturers. 

For almost 100 years, the company has continuously adapted to customer needs, illustrating consistent and cost-effective manufacturing with the highest levels of product quality and reliability.  PRC has the technology for today's and tomorrow's applications. 




Piston/sealing rings are components, generally custom-made, for use in:

  • pneumatic and hydraulic valves and actuators

  • landing gears

  • auxiliary power units

  • compressors

  • bleed air valves and controls

  • pressurization systems

  • deicing systems

  • turbine engines

  • ballistic devices

  • rod scrapers

  • retainer rings


In the small two-cycle power unit field, Pacific has been a leader in improving output.  Increases as much as 5% can be expected by switching to Pacific's narrow, light-weight designs which eliminate breakage and reduce port clipping and friction.  Our rings are used in chain saws, portable power units, weed trimmers, blowers, carts, snowmobiles, mopeds and outboards.

Performance Specialities

Drag racing's top fuelers rely on Pacific's wrought material compression rings.  Cast materials break under the pre-ignition shock, high pressures and heat of these hard-running 2500 H.P. engines.

Turbocharger and supercharger shaft seals provide an expanding field spurred by consumer demand for improved performance from today's smaller engines.



Year Established



   NADCAP        AC 7004


   NADCAP    Heat Treatment



Whether your design or ours, prototypes are the heart of the piston/sealing ring business.  Do we give prototypes our best shot?  You bet we do.

  • Best design
  • Best delivery
  • Best engineering support - from initial buildup and testing, through qualification

With standard and special tooling available for just about every application imaginable, we often come up with hardware for a new design or reproduce an old one, faster and with less expense.  Many times we can solve second or third generation problems arising from design, production or procurement difficulties and deliver to an expedited recovery schedule.

Prototypes - short runs - medium runs - long runs - all get Pacific's personalized attention.  That's what Pacific rates above the competition in quality, on-time deliveries, shorter lead tomes, versatility and cooperation.




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